Prime Cryptocurrency Buying and selling Bots 2021


Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots 2021

During the last few months cryptomarket has experienced a great volatility opening up even more opportunities for traders. However, emotions can often get in a way of making a trade. Thousands of crypto traders have already adopted cryptocurrency trading bots to avoid the temptation to give in to the emotions. On top of that, automated trading bots monitor the never-sleeping cryptocurrency market 24/7.

He we cover the most popular automated trading platforms of 2021.


TradeSanta is an automated trading platform launched in 2018 with the mission to make automated trading accessible to everyone. The platform is beginner friendly, providing the pro trading tools at the same time. TradeSanta supports all major exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Okex, Upbit and HitBTC.

Key features

Cloud-based trading platform
Binance futures trading
Trading View signals
Trailing Take Profit
Grid and DCA strategy
Beginner friendly
iOS and Android apps

TradeSanta subscription starts as low as $14 per months and goes up to $30 for month offering unlimited bots, Futures Trading and TradingView signals.


Cryptohopper is one of the first players in automated trading out there, establishing a reputation as an automated trading platform for the most demanding traders. Cryptohopper offers a wide set of tools and has integration with the most prominent exchanges including Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex and others.

Key Features

Trailing Stop-Loss
Stop-Buy, Stop-Short
Dollar Cost Averaging
Strategy Designer
Technical Signals

Cryptohopper offers a free plan allowing to set up up to 20 positions and goes up to $100 per month for the up to 75 selected coins and 500 positions.


3commas is a perfect fit for those with multiple exchange accounts and who don’t want to miss an opportunity on any of them, since 3commas supports more than 22 exchanges and counting!

Key Features

Smart trading
Grid trading
DCA bots
Take profit
Stop loss

3commas offers a free trial. The plan pricing starts at $14 per month up to $49 per month for unlimited bots and unlimited exchange accounts.


HaasOnline is a veteran of crypto trading bots, being in the game since 2014 and aiming at pro traders. It’s highly customisable and even goes as far as offering HaasScript for developers to create their own strategies.

Key Features

Paper trading
Market Making
Flexibility for developers
Email alerts

HaasBot offers different plans ranging from 0,011BTC to 0,033BTC per month depending on the number of bots, indicators and Core features you want to use.


Hodlbot is one of the fastest growing bots out there, focusing on automating portfolio management and automatically executing portfolio rebalances.

Key Features

Cryptocurrency Indices
Customizable Portfolio
Automated Rebalancing

Hodlbot starts as low as $3 for users with less than $500 deposit and goes up to $14 per month for accounts with more than $1000 deposit.

The Verdict

The most popular and trustworthy bots have been covered, useful for any trader ranging from completely beginner-friendly TradeSanta to developer scripts by HaasBot. Users can choose a bot based on the exchange you want to trade, the features like signal trading or based on an opportunity to backtest your strategy.

If you want an out of the box solution you may opt for 3commas, while Cryptohopper will provide extensive customization options. TradeSanta will be a perfect fit for those who just look out to set up their first bot. Look no further than a Haasbot to make a bot following your unique custom strategy. If you place a lot of value on your portfolio’s growth rather than trading, you may want to try Hodlbot service.

Most of the bots offer free trial, feel free to explore the automated trading and choose the service that suits best your needs.


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